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watch the water...

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

its been a damp summer here for sure - but where would we be without water?

it brings life to the all living conscious beings, flora and fauna...

water gives life to everything - and it is at the heart of our emotions...

water is liquid living consciousness - it is conscious and intelligent and emotional -

as salt water beings, who have come from the sea, we need water, not just to survive, but to thrive and it is no surprise that in order to live naturally and holistically well, clean water is essential inside and outside of our bodies;

we are being called now to examine and cleanse the quality of our water surrounding us on earth, in the seas, rivers, lakes and streams to our taps; and to examine and cleanse the quality of water within our bodies which holds all the information of life and our emotions;

saturn is in pisces now until 2026 and this literally means 'structured water';

saturn is the planet of control/self control, discipline/self discipline, study/ self study, method, form and strategy, and above all ~ self mastery;

while pisces is the most emotional sensitive zodiac sign and is all about water, fluidity, adaptability, ease, without constriction, with the two fishes, one swimming upstream against the current and one flowing with it; so the even the astrology is guiding us to clean the water and cleanse our emotions;

contrary to what we have been led to believe - there is no shortage of clean primary source water; nature always provides and there is literally a 'wellth', an abundance of it under the earths mantle that constantly replenishes; but if you like many are unable to access this, you have to employ methods to clean the water available to you;

check out the work of Dr Masuru Emoto and Veda Austin to learn more... Emoto demonstrated that you can literally change the structure of water with your thoughts and emotions - so if you show gratitude and love the water will transform into a beautiful high vibrational geometric structure and therefore be healthier than the water neglected or unloved which would distort and become low vibration;

"Hado creates words. Words are vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root to the universe." ~ Dr Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto, wrote many books concerning the phenomenon of ‘Hado’, literally meaning “wave” and “move”; he said that Hado is " The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness."

Veda Austin has evolved Emoto's work and done much research with hydroglyphs of crystalline water to further demonstrate and prove that water not only feels and is intelligent but can communicate with us directly;

another amazing pioneer to follow, who is breaking ground with enlightened techniques to purify water is Randy Hatton;

cleaning our waters

the water we receive through our taps is contaminated with all sorts of toxins which are detrimental to our health and the earth; it is passed through ancient angular lead pipes and filtrated with many chemicals and infused with all sorts of things such as fluoride which calcifies our pineal gland or third eye and inhibits our ability to connect with our intuition, our higher self;

by its nature water is fluid, it is designed to flow in a non conformist way, in vortices and spirals; it cannot be controlled or restricted; like our emotions which need to flow and be released from our bodies; when we hold on to old negative emotions, they cause us dis-ease and painful challenges in our lives until we decide to release them;

primary water is spring groundwater, which is naturally occurring water that exists underground in an aquifer that sits at or below the earth’s natural water table = pre-purified, as it has travelled through natural filters like limestone, sandstone, and clay; naturally this is the best kind of water to drink; but if you cannot access this - what can you do?

there are so many experts advising on the best techniques and machines and many types of water to consume and many differ in their views; below are a few in brief, but as always - you know your own body best, and to become sovereign - ie become your own master, it is important for you to research for yourself and make decisions based on what you feels right for you;

H3O2 is living water or fourth phase water;

this is one of the best sources of water and is naturally occurring in organic fruit and vegetables; the properties of this water include alkalinity, denseness, and gel like viscosity; H3O2 is known as gel water, EZ water, or vortex water and it has the ability to release and store energy;

purified water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities like bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants, and minerals like lead and copper;

reverse osmosis is feeding water through membranes to remove minerals and after treatment, it should contain essentially nothing more than H2O;

you can buy purified bottled water from the store, such as reverse osmosis bottled water, or you can purify tap water at home using a water purification system;

filtered water goes through a filtration process, but will still contain some contaminants, as well as healthy impurities like minerals and salts;

filtered water passes through substances such as activated charcoal which can take up and store toxic compounds, smell, and germs; it can also reduce fluoride and heavy metals;

distillation is heating water until it converts into steam to remove unwanted particles, then the steam is re condensed into liquid water - it removes pretty much everything, so it is important to replenish the body with essential electrolytes;

structured water is vibrationally repaired where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid, vortexing in a double helix;

this hexagonal water can be received in our bodies at a cellular level and help to energise the water we are all made from - it has antioxidant properties; hexagonal water is described as the cluster of molecules of water that form a hexagonal shape that increases the absorption of nutrients, increases cellular communication, and removes/reduces metabolic waste, among many things; it has a crystalline structure that forms when eight molecules of water combine;

Kangen water is water created from an innovative water technology; not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis;

these are just a few methods of cleaning water, so again - do your research and decide which works best for you;

mineral replacement ~ electrolytes

having cleansed your water, it is essential you ensure your body is being replenished with any minerals that have been removed on a regular basis;

electrolytes play a pivotal role in several bodily functions, including:

~ conducting the nerve impulses

~ maintaining muscle contractions

~ regulating the body pH balance (acid-base balance)

~ keeping the body hydrated and balancing the amount of water in the body.

~ transport nutrients into the cells and excretes wastes out of the cells

~ maintain the healthy and normal functioning of the nerves, muscles, brain, and heart.

perspiration makes you lose both water and electrolytes, mainly sodium and chloride;

there are many dietary sources of electrolytes such as:

  • Na = Sodium: salt, cheese and pickled foods

  • Cl = Chloride: salt

  • K = Potassium: bananas, avocado and sweet potato

  • Mg = Magnesium: seeds and nuts

  • Ca = Calcium: dairy products, nuts, fortified dairy alternatives and green leafy vegetables

celtic sea salt

celtic sea salt is a great way to replenish the body of essential minerals; it is harvested from the Celtic Sea off the coast of France through evaporation and sun drying; it retains more moisture so feels slightly moist and can be tinted grey; this is because of the high mineral content that is retained in the salt as it is evaporated;

so sea salt is prized as a good source of not only iodine, but lots of trace essential minerals, including magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, and potassium;

celtic sea salt contains ninety two trace essential minerals; twenty-four of those minerals are essential to many basic bodily functions; deficiencies can lead to symptoms like muscle spasms, nervous system disorder, and brain damage; sea salt is also more conducive to letting fluid move easily from the bloodstream and throughout the body;

Iodine is not produced naturally by the body, but is essential for hormone regulation within the body; vitamin C is able to effectively transport iodine in the body; so Celtic sea salt is an effective means of preventing iodine deficiencies;

side effects of celtic sea salt

it is said that too much sodium can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure, and is bad for cardiovascular health; however, moderate to low levels of sodium are safe;

in order to become really healthy, it is important to heal ourselves holistically - meaning through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers, and while it is up to you to research and decide which water cleansing approach resonates with you, one thing we can all do is work on clearing and cleansing our emotional bodies through holistic practices; and again there are many modalities out there now to choose from, so explore and see what resonates with you and then embark on / or continue your learning, healing adventure...!


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