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The Importance of Being Grounded

How to Secure Your Foundations

The Importance of Being Grounded

Grounding can have a few definitions and I would like to explore the personal grounding that each of us requires to give a sense of being acceptable and lovable for who we are. I believe that being grounded is vital for the foundations of our mental health and wellbeing.

The grounding I am looking at is the anchor that keeps us in touch with who we are and our purpose. Remaining firm in honouring the essence of our uniqueness is fundamental to thrive.

This doesn't mean we become inflexible or rigid, on the contrary, it allows us to take a look at what is presented to us more easily and objectively and make decisions based on our grounded foundations that are unwavering. There can be a tendency to take things personally when we are not able to ground ourselves just as we are and therefore limit our ability for objectivity. We are more likely to reject incoming information or interaction when we do not possess the resilience that having strong foundations gives us and we can feel vulnerable if our guard isn't up for fear of attack.

We all change as we grow, and learn. Our priorities, direction and focus may change many times during our life time, but there is an underlying blueprint that drives our spirit that is consistent and our life's energy source.

Letting go of Lacking

It is not always easy to establish this type of grounding as we can be surrounded by information that undermines our values, beliefs and even sense of identity.

The confusion that can take over leaves us feeling anything but grounded and prevents us from being able to really know what is right for us as individuals. We can easily be persuaded by clever marketing that we do not have everything we need, that we are lacking and therefore cannot move forward until we have some product or service.

I am sure we have all been in the position of completing some form of training and finally we think we possess enough knowledge and experience to move forward and up comes another message on our feed that to really excel we need yet some further skill!

The danger of this lacking mentality is that we will never have enough skill, knowledge, experience, tools etc. to get started!

It is the purpose of the lacking brigade to convince us to invest in yet more to be enough. These type of subliminal messages have become common place and dictate to those with no foundation how they should look, act and even feel! Consequently we have ended up with a high proportion of people who are reaching for success in a way that will never bring fulfilment.

The upshot of this programming has lead to a lack of ability to think for ourselves with many of us fearful of the fall out of standing up and giving out a different message.

Our strengths and skills are what we bring to the universal table, our offerings, and if we do not feel a sense of grounding this is likely to limit our vital input for our families, communities and ourselves.

When we are grounded we have the ability to remain present which in itself is both calming and powerful. The past is history which is only useful to learn lessons and can be dismissed out of our energy field and archived. The future can only be shaped by our thoughts, responses and actions that take place today. Grounding requires us to be in our bodies and just by focusing on our breathing or gently stroking our arms we can become more grounded. Many of us utilise our energy in thought and drift away from the body totally unaware of our bodily sensations unless in discomfort. Just taking time to reconnect is a worthwhile, necessary and beneficial practice.

'Like a tree you have to find your roots and then you can bend in the wind'

Angela Farmer

It is much easier when we are not floating around in our heads, only as acceptable as the last thought or input from others, to really 'just be'. To be grounded and acceptable just as we are and not have to do anything.

There are many reasons we have not been able to develop the necessary grounding to come forward and share the skills and insights that we have been bestowed with. These are likely to include some form of perceived trauma. However, despite the cause there are steps we can take to develop our grounding.

Steps to Secure Grounding

  • Start by reminding yourself most everything is an opinion and yours is just as valid as anyone else's.

  • Remember a time when you really wanted to come forward and a big part of you said you can contribute to this in a really positive way.

  • What do you need now to be able to come forward and share?

  • If it is a resource such as: confidence, courage, faith; imagine you could activate them from inside or you.

  • How would you look, sound and feel if you had those resources? If it is easier become aware of someone you know that has these resources and beam the resources to you in the form of a bright light.

  • What colour makes sense to you? Make it vibrant and vivid.

  • Imagine receiving those incredible resources from the coloured light that illuminates you from head to toe. Maybe they were there all along and they just needed activating with light.

  • It is like flipping a switch. It was in your control all along and it is safe now to flip that switch.

  • And when you flip that switch notice how much more deeply grounded you feel.

  • Allow that vibrant coloured light that surrounds you to become even more vibrant and vivid and notice how it continues to resonate out expanding your foundations.

  • How do you now look, sound and feel?

  • How do you hold yourself, breathe, speak?

  • How would you respond differently?

  • Notice how you can now stand firm and no matter what comes you can weather the storm because you know what you are standing for is important to you and others.

  • These new found foundations are building and holding you firm with each breath they grow deeper and no matter what happens outside of yourself you feel that inner safety.

  • Project yourself to the future and a situation where you can contribute and notice the positive force that supports and grounds you as you joyfully bring your energy to the table.

  • It is like a piece of the puzzle, everyone has their part to play and no one is right or wrong each opinion, each input brings shape and colour to ideas and helps to create a strong vision of what is needed for any project.

  • As you step forward with your unique view you know it is valuable and without attachment share your knowledge, experience, energy.

  • Know that the more you allow your light to shine the deeper your grounding and the easier you feel to express your valuable essence.

Building foundations to create grounding frees us to shine our light which transforms our previous lacking into complete abundance. Shining our light can trigger others to follow, creating a chain reaction that benefits us all as a collective!

'Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.'

Katrina Mayer

Karen Oliver

Energy Psychologist & Energy Healing Practitioner

07782 381855/01932 403780 Source: e-motional solutions


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