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our vision

we developed in collaboration with The People’s Health Alliance, which grew from a vision for the future; “where big pharma (and big everything) no longer has control over we, the people; where the power and responsibility of choice is returned to the individual and we shift the paradigm from treating disease to co-creating health

health and food are deeply interdependent so we want to extend into organic food, nature-led farming and purpose-led business to create a fully symbiotic cycle for living

The People's Health Alliance states that; "by creating an organic, people-led approach to healthcare, we bring everything back to community level - for the people, by the people"

earthwellth is that local, community level;

we are the people and we are here for the people, for you


our key pillars



create an inclusive wellbeing centre that offers holistic healing for all – mind, body and spirit; providing space for a broad range of practitioners to treat and support your health and wellbeing

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develop organic community gardens, sharing ‘grow your own’ knowledge and supporting the future of nature-led farming

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establish a training academy focused on food and farming; offer opportunities for all ages, including teenagers, to learn skills to heal and grow for themselves



an online and physical store to provide the community with home-grown produce from the farm as well as products to support your wellness journey

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host retreats offering a variety of healing practices, grounding and nature experiences, to support your well-being; in conjunction with the academy



nurture heart-led individuals and businesses by offering space to connect, work, share resources and learn

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