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terms and conditions

1.Booking Confirmation: 
The booking is confirmed when paid in full as specified by the retreat organiser.

2. Payment and Cancellation Policy:
Payment is required in full at the time of the booking to secure your reservation.
Please note that there are no refunds in the event that you decide for any reason to cancel your
booking after making payment.

3. Cancellation by Organiser: The retreat organiser reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the
retreat due to unforeseen circumstances or if the minimum number of participants is not met. In such
cases, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund of the amount paid.

4. Retreat Schedule and Itinerary: The retreat organiser will provide a schedule and itinerary outlining
the activities, workshops, meals, and any additional inclusions. The organiser reserves the right to
make changes to the schedule or itinerary at their discretion, taking into account factors such as
weather conditions or the well-being of participants.

5. Participant Responsibilities:
Health and Fitness: It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are physically and mentally
fit to participate in the retreat activities. The participant will be required to provide any relevant medical
information or disclosures to the retreat organiser.

6. Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards fellow participants,
retreat staff, and the retreat venue. Any behaviour that may compromise the safety or well-being of
others may result in the participant being asked to leave the retreat, without any refund.

7. Participants will be required to complete a medical checklist and sign a liability waiver for any
activities, workshops or treatments received while at the retreat.

8. Liability and Insurance: It is recommended that participants have appropriate travel insurance that
covers any potential risks, including medical emergencies, trip cancellation, or loss of personal

9.Force Majeure: The retreat organiser shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performance
due to circumstances beyond their control, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or government

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