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harness natural energy to grow healthy food

Electroculture is the latest big thing in gardening or growing;

you may not hear it on the news though as it eliminates the need to use pesticides and chemicals, and when used in sync with old planting techniques such as companion planting and lunar phase planting, you can yield a healthy, bountiful harvest;

even more so when you send love and gratitude to your plants;

the mass use of pesticides and harmful chemicals in agriculture along with mass mono farming has virtually destroyed our soil and all the microorganisms required to create and sustain life;

returning to the ancient ways of companion planting, growing by the phases of the moon and using tools such as electroculture, we can begin to bring the soil back to health, which will yield healthy nutritious food which can actually give our bodies some nutrition to help to restore us to health; it will also ensure the future yields and harvests of healthy foods;

pesticides kill the soil, which kills crop nutrition, which passes all the harmful chemicals into the animal world and into you - i always think of the old lady who swallowed a fly...i don't know why...

if you want to see the effects of mass farming and carcinogenic products like roundup - just buy a lemon or other fruit from the supermarket and an organic one from eg a farmer's market - cut them open and count the seeds - nature always provides for future generations; you will be lucky to see 1 or 2 seeds in a supermarket lemon, which has probably been waxed and painted to enhance its outer appearance and kept in cold storage for 6 months somewhere before hitting the shops - and it will be infected with chemicals which will pass into the food chain next time around;

the organic lemon may not look perfect but can have between 10 - 30 seeds in any one, providing for the next seasons harvest;

everything is energy - every thing in existence reduces to atoms which are 99% energy - so even the phone or laptop you are looking at to read this is energy; and everything has an electromagnetic field around it - so the earth is an infinite source of energy if we choose to tune in or tap into it;

Tesla said "if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

the process involves harnessing the electromagnetic field of the energy of the earth to send extra oomph into the earth to plants or crops to enhance their growth, productivity, and overall health;

plants can respond positively to electrical stimulation, similar to how they respond to sunlight and water;

by creating electro rods - you can position 'antenna' around your plots to harness and direct this energy into your growing;

just take a wooden stick - any length from 1 foot to 1 metre e.g - wrap some copper wire around the stick in a spiral going downwards - leaving approx 3 inches below and 3 inches above the length of the stick; the copper is magnetic - hence copper wire is used to conduct electricity;

we like to add in a quartz crystal at the top of the stick - as you can program the quartz for extra power; then plant strategically around your growing patch - or in your pot if you just have one or two;

just send love and gratitude and visualise beautiful, bountiful, health giving plants as you create these rods and as you garden and this will be received energetically by your seeds and plants;

thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic so we connect emotionally and mentally with everything 'out there' whether we are conscious of it or not...

Einstein said "the field is the sole governing agency over the particle"...

you will experience increased crop yields, improved plant vigour, faster germination and seedling development, and increased resistance to diseases and pests; electroculture may also help plants adapt to adverse environmental conditions, such as drought or extreme temperatures;

you cannot do any harm with electro rods and you are creating a tool to assist the plant to tune in to the environment a little better to help itself; give it a go... it's a win win!


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