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harness your inner power

designed to help you on every level, we show you some simple tools to access your hidden gifts and to learn to fully trust your inner power. when in alignment our bodies can heal themselves, and we are here to show you how. we close with a beautiful healing and meditation circle. 



do you wonder where to begin when looking for ways to improve your health and mindset?

do you lack confidence in trusting your own instincts and inner guidance with the choices you make?

would you like to know how to begin detoxing your body and how to prepare for this?

do you often feel challenged or overwhelmed by anxiety, stress and life's demands?

have you felt emotionally stuck and looking for a way forward?



learn to navigate and manage uncomfortable emotions

gain tools to develop your hidden resources and build confidence

unlock a new mindset and create purposeful movement in your life

simple steps to preparing your body for detox



02 september 2023

11:30 welcome


11:45 beliefs and perception suzanne, bodytalk

12:15 emotional balance karen, EFT/NLP

12:45 from fight or flight to rest and digest karen, EFT/ NLP

13:15 break

14:00 re-setting the nervous system suzanne, bodytalk cortices technique

14:15 preparing your body for detox jacqueline, naturopathy

15:15 break

15.:35 trust your inner guidance suzanne, mindscape

16:10 healing circle
17:00 questions


17:30 close


join us...

reserve your place

2 september 2023, 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
blackheath village hall, wonersh, guildford gu50ph, uk
fun and interactive workshop

giving you the tools to tune into your body, mind and spirit as nature intended



per person

 harness your inner power


  • refreshments provided, please bring your own lunch

  • by booking your place at our workshop you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the workshop terms & conditions

meet the team

jacqueline profile_edited_edited.jpg


naturopathy, nutritionist, massage, reiki, reflexology and more...

jacqueline has practised naturopathy and natural nutrition for over 35 years and gained invaluable native wisdom while living in South Africa. she combines all this to help people clear toxicity and hidden trauma to allow the body to heal and renew. she selects local handmade trauma remedies by pendulum to speed up the healing process.

suzanne profile.JPG


bodytalk, touch for health kinesiology, divine healing, clinical/remedial physical therapy,  breakthrough and mindscape

suzanne practises energy medicine - a consciousness based system bringing health, science and spirit into alignment to assist our bodies to heal themselves. suzanne also teaches reiki and rahanni celestial healing, spiritual growth, meditation and hosts healing circles and workshops.



energy psychologist, trainer, personal coach and energy healing practitioner 

eft/tapping, nlp,  psych-k, emofree, rahanni celestial healing, reiki and divine healing.

karen employs 20 years experience working with clients to empower their mindset and energy systems by sharing tools, creating a safe space for exploring, growth and possibility. 


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