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earth wellth

welcome to

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we are now crowdfunding!

please support our project here


* thank you *

a people-led, grass roots organisation with its first project based in the beautiful countryside of the Surrey Hills, UK


we are co-creating a world that:

puts choice and responsibility back in your hands for all aspects of your health
- mind, body, spirit

truly integrates modern and traditional medicine with holistic and
complementary treatments

respects and lives in harmony with nature

supports small, purpose-led ventures and earth inspired entrepreneurs

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to help us achieve this we are creating a truly heart-centred community based on farmland in the Surrey Hills


this centre will form the heart for our offerings and will be a space for us all to connect, heal, grow, learn, renew and be empowered

we would love your help

as a community-driven project, we are solely funded by those who support us

if you would like to donate and help bring this vision to life, please click the button below

we would also love your support with volunteering your skills, time and knowledge

please connect with us if you would like to become an active member of earth wellth - we are located in the Surrey Hills but welcome everyone

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